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Friday, May 26, 2006

More Water Fun

The high today was 86 degrees, with a pretty high humidity thanks to an early morning rainshower. One advantage of that is that the pool is warm and perfect for evening swimming. After dinner we cleaned up and went to the pool (did I mention homework in the previous post? We did that in the afternoon, and the Brothers worked diligently on their assignments.)

We spent quite a lot of time at the pool, not coming home till past 9:30. In addition to swimming and diving (a few of them off the 3-meter board, a sight to behold!), there was an enormous slip-and-slide which was a lot of fun. There were two tracks next to each other, so they could run in pairs and slide together. There were water sprayers to keep everything wet and slippery, and a splash pool at the end that served as a landing zone. The only drawback seemed to be that all of this was fed from a hose, so it was a cold cold cold splash at the end.

We came back, cleaned up and showered, and got right to bed. Everyone was pretty tired out from the day's activities, and they know there's a lot riding on tomorrow. They did a walk-through of the script today, and it sounded pretty good. They're concerned about their backdrop holding together throughout the backdrop flips, and might make a few last minute fixes to that in order to keep it together. Interestingly enough, they received some new stretchy plastic tape from 3M yesterday that looks like it might be good for this.

So, tomorrow is the big day... keep the Brothers in your thoughts and prayers!

administrivia: Blogspot has been fussy about image uploading, so I've been typing in these reports and uploading the images to I'll fiddle with it some more and get some pictures uploaded.

Also, if you want to watch the closing ceremonies, check out the details at the webcast page. Two things to note:
1. I think this is at 4:00pm your time on Saturday.
2. Don't miss this time, because it will be streamed "live" and if you don't see it then, you won't get a chance to see it later.

There are also some photos at the global finals page. What they don't mention is that anybody at the actual global finals can't enjoy them very much because we're stuck with ridiculously slow dialup connections! But you at home can enjoy them all. :-)


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