The Duct Tape Brothers

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Getting Serious

I hope that the posts so far haven't given the impression that the boys have been focused exclusively on eating and pin trading. They've been doing quite a bit of work preparing for their presentation times.

They had to unpack all of the stuff which had been shipped, and see if it was still in working order. It was, fortunately, including the hat and the barrel noise-maker. (I had to go down with Buffy to fetch the stuff from the shipping dock... it was heavy, the biggest package being over 50 lbs. Buffy gets another checkmark on her sainthood scorecard for packing that up and carrying it to the post office!)

In addition, they created a new Duct Tape Brothers sign, and made a new hat stand. Everyone was very delighted with the new work and agreed that it was an improvement on the previous pieces. I think they were pleased that they were able to take a potential setback (not having some of their props shipped) and, with very limited time (a day) and supplies (a box scrounged from a construction site) and turn it around into something which actually improved their project.

They did a runthrough in the hall before going to dinner. Everyone was a bit tired and hungry, so there was a reasonable share of frazzled nerves and short tempers, but overall it was a successful walk-through. The practice session was right in front of the elevator, so they would periodically get a surprised-looking audience every few minutes.

Earlier in the day (on the way home from pin trading) we stopped off to watch a few competitors and see what the stage looked like. There's a picture of Tom Hanks there when he performed on the very stage, which made a bit of an impression on everybody.

We had a pretty tough reminder that the Globals are a serious competition. The second team we watched ran over their 8-minute allotment, and the appraisers called time. The lights went up, and the team had to stop in mid-presentation. In the regionals, they let the teams wrap up their act, but the Globals are on a tight schedule, and the competitors are expected to understand and conform to all the rules.


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