The Duct Tape Brothers

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Rise and Shine, Ye People of West Coast Time!

Breakfast is served 7:00-9:00, which translates to 4:00-6:00 our time. Alex and Brian went down first. Joy of joys, they had biscuits with gravy, but neither boy seemed to appreciate that fact. Oh Well.

We saw Olaf and Forrest on the way out, everyone is downstairs trading pins. We've met international teams from Poland, Singapore, and Guatemala, and US team from all over.

I managed to get online, but wow does dialup seem slow.

Plans for today: inspect all the props we shipped, figure out how to make a new hat box and Duct Tape Brothers sign. The afternoon will be a session for the boys on how to do instant challenges. The opening ceremony is tonight at 7:00.


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