The Duct Tape Brothers

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

We receive but fail to appreciate some expert Instant Challenge training

We had to hurry lunch, in order to get to the special Instant Challenge workshop. One of the lunch pavillions had ready-made sandwiches to go, so that worked out perfectly. We ate on the way, walking and taking a shuttlebus.

The workshop was from 12-5:30, so that kept the boys occupied while Buffy went to a team managers' meeting. I took care of a few outstanding items and we picked them up from the workshop. They were pretty tired coming out. It seems they thought the training wasn't particularly special, which was generally attributed to the excellent job Buffy has been doing so far.

On the way back we found a cardboard box sitting next to a construction site that we salvaged to rebuild the hat stand. It was about 2'x2' and about 7 feet long. The bus driver very kindly let us bring it back!


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