The Duct Tape Brothers

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Rainy Morning Antics

So the alarm went off at 7:30am local time, which translates to about 4:30am our time. The boys were up with a reasonable amount of vim and vigor. This was surprising given that we had all been awakened at about 4:30 by the dumpster truck banging the dumpsters around like some kind of anvil chorus.

If you're in line for breakfast before 8:00, it's basically a matter of walking in and being served. But if you're just a few minutes later than 8:00, the line goes down the stairs, down the hall, and out into the courtyard.

So our plan was to go and eat, and bring back some muffins and coffee for Buffy and Granny, who were busy taking care of Skye. This would also give them a bit more time to sleep in. That sounded like a good plan to Forrest and Olaf, who decided to join the sleeping-in crew.

It was raining a bit, but we caught a break in the weather and ran over to the cafeteria, threading our way through the early morning pin traders (much to the chagrin of Eric, who is showing all the early signs of Pin Mania Syndrome). Breakfast was good... Eggs, bacon, and waffles (the poor boys just don't seem to understand the logic behind putting gravy on perfectly good biscuits!).

We very tidily packed up enough muffins for everyone, and a couple of cartons of milk. However, we did not anticipate the exit door guy. In addition to making sure people didn't sneak in the exit, he's supposed to make sure large quantities of food doesn't sneak out the exit as well. In this case, "large quantities" seems to pretty much mean "any quantity." We explained the situtation to him, and he said we could each carry a muffin out, as if we were finishing it up, along with either a cup of coffee or a carton of milk (if it was opened... again, as if we were finishing it up).

So, we quickly redeployed the rations, and walked out the door and down the stairs, only to find ourselves in the middle of a huge storm, lightning and thunder and all. We took a few moments to discuss why storms over dry land generated more electrical activity than storms generated over water, and exactly how we were going to get back to the dorm without getting totally soaked. It seemed our best bet to head for the tent area where the pin traders where still hard at it. We waited a bit for a break in the weather but running out of patience declared by fiat that the weather had broken. Eric took the lead in dashing across the commons, with everyone else in tow. We had considered putting all the muffins in Eric's hat to keep them dry, but came to the conclusion that people would probably rather eat muffins that were a bit damp rather than muffins that had been stored in somebody's hat.

We survived the dash and have changed in to dry clothes, and are now in our homework hour, working on the various school assignments we brought with us.

Later we will work on rebuilding the props we broke down for shipment and rebuilding the things we didn't ship. One of the lunch pavillions is serving BBQ, featuring pulled pork sandwiches. The boys are eager to try this delicacy so we'll take the shuttle bus over that way, weather permitting.


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