The Duct Tape Brothers

Friday, May 26, 2006

Instant Challenges and Playing in the Fountain

So we got up early and did some stuff for the 3M instant challenge, which is to make something out of duct tape (invented by 3M, who knew?). They did this out by the elevators where they worked on their performance last night. Every few minutes, some of the girls from a team in Texas would pop out of the elevator, with many giggles ensuing. We chatted with them and made arrangements to go and see their performance later in the day.

They went off to instant challenge, where they didn't do as well as they hoped. However, they were pleased to have gotten full marks (20 out of 20) on teamwork and cooperation. It did a pretty good job on getting them focused on the performance competition tomorrow.

They went to eat lunch (at our now-standard BBQ pavillion) and see their new-found friends' performance. Following that we went to the fountain where everyone was playing in the water. It was a welcome relief from the heat, which was in the high 80's. We came back to the dorm, where we discovered the niceness of a midday shower.

We've just done a walk-through, and are off to the rec center... Dinner at 6:00, and then swimming again. When I get back I'll upload some more pictures... [update: pictures uploaded!]

Editorial note: Of all the pictures I've taken of the Brothers during the past two years, this one is my personal favorite. I'll definitely post a high-resolution version when I get back.


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